Relief Is a Welcome Event.
Recovery Is for a LIFETIME.

Therapeutic Counseling of Opiates and Alcohol Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Counseling and Behavioral Therapy Specialist for
Substance Use Disorders in Glendale, AZ

Life after rehab:

Finally, there is relief from the physical bonds of opiates or alcohol.

Combining MAT (prescribed medications from your doctor) with professional counseling and behavioral therapy you can experience a “whole person” approach to treating substance use disorders.

Getting off the substances was just the first part
of this whole thing called recovery.

NOW you learn to LIVE life all over again.

MAT is designed to help with physical craving modulation and chronic relapses.

So, what comes next now that you’re not using? How does the psychological part of not using come into play?

With counseling behavioral therapy, you get in touch with the parts of you that forgot or never learned how to cope with life as it was. The parts of you that haven’t “felt” anything in a very long time. The things that are scary, or overwhelming, or just too much to face.

It was painful to get through these sometimes. That’s how parts of you discovered using substances as a survival strategy.

This recovery life is a whole new world.

Emotions come to life again. Or maybe you just can’t feel them.

New opportunities present themselves. It’s impossible to decide what’s the best thing to do to move forward.

Damn, it’s so confusing.

With counseling, clients can learn to self-regulate all the parts of you that are coming back alive again. They learn to feel confident, capable, trustworthy and lovable again.

Yes, it may still be painful at times. The difference is there will now be support and expert guidance for discovering healthy new coping mechanisms. With the help of counseling, clients can grow to be whole again.

What I am not: I am NOT a Doctor. I do not prescribe medication.

What I AM and what I do: I am a therapy specialist that provides several modalities of counseling (CBT, DBT, EMDR, ACT, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, to name just a few) specifically tailored to you, the individual.

Together, we develop a personalized treatment plan for counseling that will best serve you as you recover from the throes of opiate or alcohol addictions. To learn to live life as a sober person can be happy and rewarding.

Come on – let’s explore this.

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