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Substances get hit up for a session with the Therapist

Therapist: What brings you here today?

(substances speak first; referred to as “they/them”)

Alcohol and Pills: The human is telling us we have to GO! That we can’t be a part of life anymore.

Marijuana: YEAH! Me, TOO!

Meth: Well, I’m only an occasional visitor, so I’m sticking around. Besides I pick’em up after you guys blow the whole day!

Alcohol and Pills: What the hell are you talking about? Every time you show up things get really out of hand! The human gets all tweaked out!

Marijuana: Now calm down everyone – have a cookie…

Benzodiazapines: Yea, chill you all.

Marijuana: Thanks, Xanie. We just have to reduce our presence for a minute. You know become a little scarce. And we’ll get back in a week or two. You all know the human’s day isn’t complete without US!

Alcohol: That’s right. Especially if I go solo for a while it seems more doable. It worked when I was the only one. Then the human thought it’d be more fun to add one of you.

Pills: Yeah. I can take a little vacay. You know, store me and the rest of the RX for a nice long weekend.

Marijuana: I’m good with only being hit up once a day.

Meth: Well, I’m at my peak without any of you. Besides, I help get more things done around here. I speed things up and make everything seem crystal clear.

The Miserable Human begs for relief…

Human: They’re right. I’m telling them they must go. They are ALL making my life miserable. I’ve tried cutting back, using only one of them at a time, and it continues to only end up a hot mess. More than I ever planned or wanted.

Therapist: How so?

Human: I’m frequently passed out, late for work, stop engaging with family and friends. I’m isolating, feeling lonely, and just not having fun with them anymore. They have to go. Can you help me?

Therapist to Human: What do you think you need to do to stop them from taking over your whole being?

Human: I’ve tried getting rid of them, and they keep invading my life. Consuming my thoughts, thwarting my decision-making, convincing me I’m nothing without them. I’m beginning to hate what I see in the mirror because all I see is them. Alcohol, pills, marijuana, meth. All hovering over me like a black cloud. All vying for my attention and letting them be my “friend” today. I don’t know how to stop it. I WANT it all to STOP!

Therapist Speaks: There Is Hope.

Therapist: I’m hearing you want to stop. Let’s join forces. Let’s partner up and plan how to get through each day without them.

Human: Like how?

Therapist: Like reducing your anxiety, restoring your confidence to make right choices, building your skills to cope with life’s challenges, remembering who you are, reigniting your inner peace and joy.

Human: Sounds like a lot of work

Therapist: Yes, it is. And you’re worth the effort. You are the biggest investment of your time and money you’ll ever make. And the most rewarding. Are you ready and willing to make that investment and take back your life?

Human: Well, yes… but… but… I… um… I’m…

Therapist: You’re scared. Let me ask you: what will happen if they stay?

Human: I’ll lose my family, my job, my home, my friends, my dignity, maybe even my sanity.

Therapist: And what do you hope it will be like if they go?

Human: I’ll be able to enjoy life again. Maybe stop bickering with loved ones, laugh freely, go back to being myself. Can you help?

Therapist: Yes, I can help you help yourself choose to be substance free, feel confident, strong, competent, and love living life to the fullest.

For your next HIGH!

If you’re coming to grips about your substance use…

If you’re ready to stop griping “it’s because of everything/everyone else” that you’re miserable…

If you’re ready to start living life substance-free and have it be the best high you’ll ever experience…

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Hi, I’m Valerie

My mission is to support and guide clients to rediscover living a rewarding, full life without the use of substances or excessive behaviors. To reignite that inner flame that says, “I matter, and I love myself enough to live my best life as my best self.” Another way of saying, “I’m capable” and “I can” do this “because I’m worth it!”.

I believe in enjoying life in all aspects. Having a sense of humor, adventure, wonderment of life’s gifts, and reality all go hand in hand. Wisdom and knowledge are monumental.

Most importantly, being human is the ultimate connector. I am human first, like you. I am a skilled therapist, and I would be honored to meet and work with you.

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