Being You

Dear You,

The time has ultimately come to put down the mind-altering (alcohol and drugs) substances for good.

The specter of substance abuse has followed you around for most of your life. Your past thoughts, feelings, actions, and memories are all becoming tinged by an alcohol- or drug-induced haze.

The last several years of your life have been shot through with alcohol or drugs. No need to list here all the damages and missed opportunities that this has caused you. Lists are simply constructs of the mind anyway.

The heart and soul know the costs you have paid. The heart and soul hold the keys to recovery. You will never out-think this disease called “addiction” or “alcoholism.” Nor will you escape it once it grips you and is taking over your life.

But you can recover by taking proper actions.

By getting out of your head, into your heart and into action.

Think of the moments you realize you’ve had one too many once again.

You didn’t intend to have consumed that much. Now remember the powerlessness, the incomprehensible demoralization, the unmanageability of that using. Keep it in your thoughts constantly what the outcome of that was.

Enough of the fantasy BS that “someday” you can control and enjoy using (drinking or drugging) like other people you know. Ready for the stone cold truth? For you that someday will never come.

In sobriety, there are much greater “somedays” to come as sobriety promises many things.

Here is a vision of what it might be like for you:

A life lived with dignity and compassion.
A life full to the brim with love of others and yourself
A life lived with courage and right actions
A life with renewed self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love
A life void of fear and self-loathing
A life lived with God’s grace and generosity
A life with family and friends, all those you love and cherish
A life of giving and giving back to your fellow sentient beings
A life of being helpful and helping others
A life of selfless devotion to all that is good and decent in the world

Now do yourself a favor. Put an end to your relationship with substances for good.

Today is the day to call SUD Counseling With Valerie. Where sobriety is a priority for healing and becoming whole again!

Get help today, so you can help yourself heal, then help somebody else, and maybe even save a life or two or three.

Time to celebrate you. And your loved ones, heck, the entire universe celebrates your recovery too. Let the obstacles in your life fade away and let recovery pave your way to nirvana.

Love and respect,