Substance Use Disorder

Meet T K

TK has tried cutting down on drinking and drugging. Family, friends, coworkers are criticizing TK’s use, and this annoys TK.

TK is feeling bad and guilty after drinking or using.

The first thing in the morning (upon awaking) TK is having to steady the nerves with a shot or other substance.

TK has a problem with substance use disorder. It slowly crept up over time.

At first TK was having fun, enjoying “a little something” here and there. Somehow it’s now come to this.

My message for TK

You’ve got nothing to lose if you give up the booze

Things will look brighter when you give up the need to get high on weed

You’ve taken so many pain pills they’re no longer effective

The brain’s receptors are now ineffective

The benzo prescription once again has run out

The anxiety is peaking, you just want to shout

Cocaine ate up the entire paycheck

Leaving little to nothing but what the heck

Switching to meth seemed like the next best thing

Until you have hocked or sold almost everything

The time has come

You can no longer perseverate

Make the decision to take action

Do not procrastinate.

Make the decision. Today is the day to set up your first session with SUD Counseling With Valerie. Where sobriety is a priority for healing and becoming whole again!

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