Living substance free

Let’s consider what it’s like when you don’t take that drink or drug. You’re free to make choices that will lead to positive results. Free to be empowered by your own inner strength, courage and experience.

What’s different is when you’re substance free, you are FREE from the bondage substances bind you to.

Maybe you’ve tried this before. You know, quit using only to find things in life hadn’t changed.

The truth is things didn’t change and neither did you. Quitting substances was only the beginning. The best comes after you start the real work of finding your true self that is capable, wise, worthy, strong and empowered. The ‘you’ that got lost believing a substance was the answer to all your problems.

Until that became a bigger problem. One you don’t know how to solve. How does reality appear when you are downing a drink or a drug? Or later when you “come to”? Reality is not what you expected at all, is it?

What does living substance-free look like?

Now let’s have you imagine your life from a much different perspective. A substance-free perspective.

Days start to go the way you expect them to. And even if they don’t, you now live in a world that has viable solutions. You are well provided for, protected, safe, nurtured and loved unconditionally. Sound hard to imagine your life ever being like this? Read on.

With the guidance and help of therapy, you can once again discover your capability to handle life and all it brings to you. Rediscover your inner strength, knowledge, worthiness and multitude of gifts and graces.

Even if you believe you don’t have any of these positive assets, please trust they can be built from the ground up. I’ve seen it happen a multitude of times – in myself and others.

What does therapy entail?

Recognizing there is another way. Owning that using substances has insurmountable negative effects on your life and your well-being.

Therapy brings tools and insight to you. It walks you step by step through those confusing times of “WTF! Now what”? It gives you infinitely endless options to consider and try.

Yes, using substances could be one of those options; however, the results won’t be what you’re looking for. Unless of course you want the whole cycle of guilt, shame, anger, loss, and fear to start all over again.

Therapy is not for wimps. Or perfect people. It’s for the scared, lost, hurting person with a courageous soul that says, “There is a way” to live a happy and rewarding life. And you can find it with the help of counseling and therapy!

What does therapy do for me as an individual?

Each client is treated as a VIP and will experience their own unique journey step by step.

By using clinically researched and proven modalities of therapy [Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) to name a few], we can show you how to live a happy, rewarding life without the use of substances.

Ultimately, there is no magic wand or pill. You decide how much you want to gain – or not. You are a full participant in all this. What you put in is exactly what you will get out of it. Together, we will explore the direction and options therapy can provide for you.

About Me

A little insight on me:

For over a decade as a therapy specialist for substance use disorders, I have dedicated my time and efforts to helping many struggling persons find their way to solutions other than substances.

I’ve watched clients grow and laugh again, live again, love again. I’ve helped many hurting, lost, confused beings become whole again. To let go of f.e.a.r (feeling every day’s always rotten) and instead embracing f.e.a.r. (finding every day’s awesome rewards).

The investment in time, effort and dollars I’ve made in the last 14 years has been all about you!

I’ve completed a master’s degree (with a concentration in the field of Addictions Counseling and Employee Assistance Counseling) along with my extensive ongoing training and education, so I can bring to the therapeutic platform a plethora of professional skills, knowledge and expertise to help YOU!

Most importantly, my experience as a human is the biggest thing I bring to our professional relationship as therapist and client. Life hasn’t always been kind to me or easy. I can say, though, that along the way I have discovered a strength and wisdom from the inner depths of my being.

I’m still growing and learning with every new day thanks to the many lessons life has provided and the unconditional love and acceptance of other humans (my family, friends, therapist) and, not to be forgotten, my felines and canines.

Outside of the office, I keep busy with relaxing at home with my husband of 26 years, my adult children and their families, and my 4 cats and 3 dogs.

Cleaning is secondary over reading a good book, taking walks around the block, trying new recipes, and planning the next trip to Hawaii. Both personally and professionally, I strive to make every day my best day ever!

What’s next?

Call me at 602-903-4977 today to begin your journey for discovering the happy, confident, capable and substance-free person you can be.