What if you don’t drink today?
Curious about how to do that?

Counseling and Therapy Specialist for Quitting Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders
Phoenix, AZ

Yes? No? Should I have that drink?

Is there a part of you that hates drinking? And a part of you that loves drinking?

What does the alcoholic part of you say when the worried part asks, “What would happen if I didn’t drink.” “How will I sleep tonight?”?

Is there a part of you that judges and feels shame about drinking and what it is creating or robbing from your life? Is there a part of you that despises taking another drink, yet you just can’t stop drinking despite knowing the negative consequences?

Is there a hopeful part of you that says, “Today I won’t drink”? Arguing with the part that is unsure of how to get through another day? Wondering what will life be like without another drink?

Which “I” do you listen to?

The lost, hurting self that knows no other options. “I have to drink to survive my life”!

Or the wise resourceful adult who says, “I know that to go on in life like this (drinking or using other substances) is not possible any longer.”

The higher self that can become sober, calm, clear-headed, courageous, happy and alive again. The part that knows there is another way to manage life. Or the beaten down, desperate self that got you to this page?

Are there any other points of view inside of you about drinking we could discuss? How being sober is more than just quitting drinking? How living happy and sober is even possible? How options provided through counseling and therapy can help.

I’m here to listen.

To help you connect with the part of you who wants to stop drinking. To listen to the part of you that’s damn scared to stop!

If drinking is doing something to you that it never used to, you know it’s time to stop. Don’t let drinking become your identity. You are not your past or your mistakes.

Through counseling and therapy, we can restore a sense of well-being, confidence, and begin to fulfill your human destiny. With over a decade of experience working with others in this predicament, I can unequivocally profess when clients do the work clients get well.

Are you ready to do the work? Are you ready to stay sober and get well? Take the risk. You can always go back to drinking.

Contact me today at (602) 903-4977 for a free 15-minute phone assessment of how we can work together to help you live sober once again.